About Us

AJCM DirectorsAnglo-Japanese Christian Ministries , AJCM, is a Christian organisation, which was started for the purpose of sharing the good news about Jesus Christ with Japanese people living in the UK. In addition to teaching the Christian faith AJCM is involved in helping and advising Japanese people who are visiting or living in the UK. Although AJCM is a Christian organisation its activities and services are intended for all Japanese people regardless of their own religious persuasions.

Trevor and Cheryl Howard have spent more than 20 years sharing God’s love with Japanese people living in the North West of England. This has taken many and varied forms as our history page explains.

They say:

We share God’s love because He has shared His Love with us in Jesus and our prayer is always that those we meet will learn more of what this can mean to them. Over the years there have been those who have believed in Jesus and have returned to Japan, joining a local church and sharing their new found faith in Jesus with family, friends and community. This is increasingly seen as an integral and positive way of supporting and adding to the growth of the Christian church in Japan.

In 2011 we joined OMF Diaspora Ministries Team as co-workers.This provides us with opportunities for training and fellowship, and enables us to better meet the needs of those returning to Japan as Christians or wishing to continue their interest in the Christian faith.

AJCM is a non-profit making organisation which is supported financially by donations from individuals and churches in Japan and the UK who are sympathetic with our aims.