What is Diaspora Ministry?

Diaspora Ministry is simply ministry to people living outside of their own country.

There are many Japanese in medium to long-term residence in the UK. In addition, with many Japanese companies in the UK, there is a more transient Japanese business community working here. Similarly, the UK is a popular choice for Japanese students wishing to study at university or in a language school. Less than 1% of the population of Japan are Christians, which means that the majority of Japanese we encounter have never heard the Gospel or had contact with Christians.

Statistics show that the Japanese are more responsive to the Gospel while living overseas and it is vital therefore that churches and individual Christians in the UK use this God-given opportunity to befriend and share God’s love with them during their stay. If we do we can impact individual lives and through them the many millions in Japan who do not know the love, grace, and forgiveness of Jesus and His transforming power in their lives.